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Remember when it didn’t hurt?
Remember when you used to walk tall?
Remember when you used to feel like an athlete?

The PP Chair was invented for those office-bound heroes who have to sit most of the day but still want to be able to move, look and feel like an athlete or warrior when the moment’s right.

This is the chair you need if you don’t want your sedentary habits to ruin your back or impair your performance – in the office or the sports field.

Benefits include:

  • Rapid recovery from all posture-related spine, hip and shoulder problems
  • Engagement and integration of core
  • Better breathing and therefore more relaxation and energy
  • Faster recover from exercise
  • Greater resilience to overuse injuries through better movement patterns
  • Improved looks: look alert, upright, athletic and ready for action


Perfect posture chairs are ideal for:

  • Back pain sufferers (very good for S.I Joint, sciatica, leg-length discrepancy)
  • Executives or office workers who sit a lot
  • Pro-athletes looking for a winning edge
  • Recreational sports people with sedentary jobs
  • Models, yoga/Pilates instructors who depend on their looks and posture for their income

How does the Posture Perfect Chair work?

  1. It upgrades lumbar support technology with optimal support in all the right places – crucially the mid-back (lower ribcage) and upper pelvis – to give you perfect posture. With the customisable supports in just the right places, your spine has the support it needs to lengthen against gravity rather than extend or flex (I.e ‘buckle’) under its force.
  2. It takes the thinking out of setting up an office chair. Too many knobs, bells and whistles to fiddle with on ordinary chairs mean that almost everybody sets their chair up incorrectly. Research however shows there is only one optimal angle for the seat and chair back. All the angles on the chairs are already optimised for you, leaving you only needing to adjust the height of the seat. Easy.
  3. Thanks to its sturdy construction method and smart design, it provides a totally stable base on which to sit. Ordinary office chairs wobble around and offer too much ‘give’ when leaning against the backrest. This extra movement, even when minimal, seriously compromises posture and taxes joints and ligaments over extended periods of time.
  4. All this together means the spine can elongate vertically against gravity, instead of collapsing under its weight. The user sits with perfect posture and, with time, makes this spinal alignment his/her habitual position, whether sitting, standing, walking or running. The nervous system takes this arrangement as its default position and great posture becomes second-nature.

Under these ideal conditions the disappearance of pain and the improvement of performance should be automatic.

The Posture Perfect Office chair is particularly recommended for those suffering from:

  • Low-back pain
  • Kyphotic hunch-back
  • ‘Forward Head’
  • Lack of abdominal tone
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Sciatica
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • and most other pains with a muscular-skeletal origin


The Posture Perfect Office Chair is unlike anything else out there and reset the paradigm from which we should judge so-called ergonomic chairs.

So confident are we that the Posture Perfect chair will change the way you sit forever, it comes with the ultimate guarantee:

Buy it now – and if you decide you don’t like it any time in the first 60 days we’ll pick it up again (at our expense) and give you a full refund. No quibbles, no arguments. Your satisfaction guaranteed.

If you’re suffering right now – or if you’re just interested in better posture, better breathing, more movement efficiency and improved performance – rest assured, we’ve got the answer for you. Get in touch for a risk-free trial of this ground-breaking technology.

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