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Improve your posture and fix your back

Meet the Posture Perfect Office Chair. The more you sit in it, the better your posture becomes. Say goodbye pain caused by outdated chair designs that rely on Lumbar Support. Discover how to actively elongate your spine as you sit.

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The Most Advanced Posture Chair on the Market

  • Improve your Posture

Fixing your posture is the key to getting out of pain and enjoying all the benefits that come with being able to sit, stand and move as nature intended us to.

  • Better breathing and relaxation

Favoured by yoga teachers and Pilates Instructors, the Posture Perfect Office Chair allows for proper diaphramatic breathing and greater relaxation – meaning more energy left at the end of the day.

  • Become more bullet-proof

Sitting with great posture lessens pressure of muscles, joints and ligaments, making movement injury-free and more efficient.

  • Improved looks

Sitting with an elongated spine activates your TA muscle – the key to avoiding that slouched, pot-bellied look we all hate. Many people discover once they can stand straight that they were never overweight in the first place!

Lack of alignment puts pressure on whole body

Perfect alignment of hips, shoulders and head

Posture Perfect’s unique back support system turns the sitting postition associated with lumbar support

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Select a size

The PP chair comes in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your frame and colour taste


Invest in your spine

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Brigitta Byrne, Chiropractor

Highly recommended 5 star rating

When I sat in this chair I could immediately notice the difference compared to the traditional lumbar support styles which I have tried in the past – its clever design makes sitting upright properly feel almost effortless. Highly recommended!

Paul Mortimer, Verified Buyer

5 star rating Simply the best!

I don’t suffer from neck aches or pains anymore, my shoulders feel a lot better, and I generally move a lot better. Would recommend it to anyone looking for better posture and movement. Well worth the money.

Fix Your Posture – Revive Your Spine

With the revolutionary alternative to tried-tested-failed lumbar support systems


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Warning - this product is not for everyone


  • Backpain sufferers
  • Executives or other sedentary people
  • Semi-professional sports men/women who work in offices or from home
  • Pilates/Yoga teachers or models for whom posture is crucial


  • People active on their feet all day
  • People who haven’t yet understood the importance of investing in their body for long-term care of their spine and optimal health

About Posture Perfect

Posture Perfect is a British company, based near Oxford. All products are built in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

The Posture Perfect Office Chair was created out of the frustration experienced by its designer who found he could not sit on ordinary chairs for extended periods of time without damaging his back and limiting his quality of life. Experiments with lumbar support chairs consistently made his back pain worse by tilting the pelvis forwards hyperextending the low-back.

A determination to find a better way to sit was the catalyst for the product you now see available for the public to buy for the first time.

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