Getting Fit While You Sit

The day is getting late. The work pile is high and crunch time looms in the distance. Your mind has been drained and it feels like you’re going to get crushed by the heavy workload any moment now. That office posture chair or office chair for back pain might be helping you with your back problems, but the day’s pressures just won’t let the rest of your body relax.

There are times when we’re so busy working and finishing deadlines that we don’t want to get away from our work station to take a quick break for fear of procrastination. You know that a little stretching and exercise can be beneficial to relieve your brain and body’s stress, yet you don’t really want to stand up from your office chair.

But worry not. You can always have an impromptu workout session while sitting down. With some of these time-saving ways to stay fit, you don’t even have to completely stop working on your ongoing projects while maybe losing some weight along the way.

1. Running – Too much sitting can lead to leg pain and considerable weight gain. By just doing the act of running while you’re on your desk working, you can increase your heart rate and warm your body up.

2. Knee Raises – If you’re not exactly up for some running, you can do some knee lifts that can make your thigh and abdominal muscles feel the burn. You can feel the strain by simply raising your knees as high as you can at set intervals.

3. Leg raises – Good posture while in your office chairs and raising your leg straight in front of you can tone your legs and core muscles and prevent them from being too inactive. For added effects, you can rotate your legs for a set of however many repetitions you have imposed on yourself.

4. Laughing – As the popular saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. And it often is, as a good chuckle is said to burn up to 40 calories, speed up your heart rate and increasing your metabolism. A good joke shared among your coworkers is also one of the best ways of relieving your stress and lightening the mood in the office.

5. Fidgeting – Ignore those stress balls and fidget toys and just start moving about while you sit. You may be surprised at the amassed calories that can be burned by all the squirming, wriggling around and feet tapping that you do throughout the day.

While sitting down on chairs has become a conventional part of the lives of people working in offices, it’s not healthy to stay glued to our seats for far too long despite doing these exercises on our chairs. Finding the right office chair for back problems is beneficial to our health and fitness, but one should also do their part and make their own active effort to stay fit.


So if you believe that you have the willpower to get back to work after standing up and taking a break, then don’t be afraid to do so.

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