Comfortable Office Chairs For Better Posture And Productivity


If you want to be really productive at work, it’s not enough to just have a comfortable office chair. You want to know why?

A comfortable office chair isn’t necessarily healthy.

And having a comfortable office chair doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t cause you pain down the line.

Your comfy office chair is like a bag of crisps. They’re made from potatoes, which is technically a vegetable. We can use the excuse that we can binge on crisps because technically we’re eating vegetables. But we know that it’s not really good for us. In the same way that a comfy office chair feels good right now but it isn’t going to do our back any favors a few hours from now.

The only productivity hack that really works with everyone, no exception, is to stay healthy. That means you eat right, exercise, and maintain healthy habits. One of those healthy habits you need to have is maintaining good posture. Having proper posture strengthens your core, helps prevent or reduce back, neck and shoulder pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle, and fights fatigue.

If you have an active lifestyle, maintaining good posture is relatively easy. If you regularly use a pilates exercise chair, there’s no doubt you’d be able to maintain proper posture for hours at a time. But if you have a desk job, we all know how hard it can be to keep your back straight at all times. It’s really tiring. And if you have a really stressful job, maintaining good posture is probably the last thing on your mind.

We’re here to help. Our office chair company, Posture Perfect, has the chair that would allow you to maintain perfect posture for hours, without having to think about it. It’s perfectly comfortable, it fits into any work environment, and it has something that no other ergonomic chair on the market has: dual supports.

Most ergonomic office chairs provide only lumbar support because they think you only need to stop the lower back from curving in order to have good posture. But what most people don’t realize that the spine is a complicated machine that adjusts to support body weight. When you push the lumbar region to far, the spine compensates by having the upper back lean back. This would be great if we recline when we work but we don’t. To counter this action, our neck pushes our head forward so we can look at our monitors.

As a result, your spine adopts an exaggerated S shape, which you can imagine is very uncomfortable. Over time this causes bad posture and yes, pain. What our posture chair does is provide support to the pelvis and mid back. These make maintaining good posture effortless. The pelvic support stops you from sliding down your seat and slouching. The mid back support allows you to lean back just enough while helping keep your shoulders, neck and back in an ideal position for working.

Can your comfy office chair do that? We don’t think so. Be healthier! Be more productive! Get a posture perfect office chair right now and experience what real comfort feels like.

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