Why Companies Should Get Better Office Chairs

The most important resource of any company is their employees—people who generate reports, come up with new business strategies, or conceptualize the next product breakthrough. We are becoming a world that values creativity and innovation in work more than anything else, both of which require a lot of thinking and mind-mapping. Now more than ever do work spaces need comfortable office chairs—not to pamper employees, but to motivate them and help them focus.

From Repetitive Work to Creative Work

We are past the industrial period where humans worked mechanically, following a specific set of procedures routinely. Companies today demand skills beyond clerical work. Employees do not just encode data; they also interpret it and come up with recommendations for the next term.

Unlike what we were taught while growing up, creativity is not something that’s simply innate in a person. It’s a combination of our experiences, our interests, and the space that surrounds us. And among those things, the most immediate thing that companies can control to help their team grow is the office environment. This is the space where they breathe from, interact with other people, and where they sit and do their work.

Where the Office Space Comes In

There’s a lot of subjectivity involved in the process of coming up of a strategy. This is the reason why we also need to change their environment from something that only cares about getting things done, to one centered on the well-being of the employees.  This is high priority because how employees feel while working affects their productivity.

It’s time to pay attention to statistics. One of the most common work-related injuries is back pain as a result of the sedentary lifestyle that most employees live. Because of sitting for prolonged hours, they strain their muscles routinely.

Ditch the generic office chair because it’s poorly designed. Posture Perfect chairs are office chairs for better posture that will positively impact their working experience by preventing back and neck pain, and overall fatigue.

The New Working Generation

Not only did the trends in work evolve, so did the workers.

It’s not a secret that money is not enough incentive for the workers of today. Another reason to value employees’ well-being is how their productivity is tied to how motivated they are as well, and how valuable they feel to the company.

It’s easy to by-pass this, but one of the reasons why the millennial worker is like a job nomad, switching from one company to another, is because they rarely feel satisfied with their current place of employment.

Tweaking the office space to make them feel more comfortable can make a difference. The little details like where they sit matter because their desk, their computer, and their chair should a feel a little like home, a place where they want to come back to on weekdays.

Want all the talent to stay in your company? Get a better chair and make them feel valuable. The smallest things can make a difference.

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