Things You Can Change in the Office to Boost Creativity

Welcome to the 21st century, a time when you can find a date in just a few swipes, and when there are ergonomic chairs for back pain. A time when watching a movie feels like you’re part of it, and a time when earphones no longer have wires. Soon enough, robots will cook your breakfast, and self-driving trucks will deliver the packages. What a time to be alive!

Outstanding breakthroughs in tech, and the marketing campaigns that manipulated you into buying that soap, and shampoo promising to make your skin and hair glow did not come out of a vacuum. They were thought of by creative geniuses in the field.

If you’re a startup in the tech industry, media, or web development (maybe a mix of everything), you need your staff to be creative so they can think of a solution to that pesky glitch in your app, or design a new product for the next season.

While many are quick to attribute creativity to a person’s innate qualities, your office environment may also be the reason why they’ve been suffering from mental blocks. Here are a couple of things you can do to your office space to get the ideas flowing.


Make Everything More Comfortable

Where people sit on during work is the most important. It’s hard to think if their backs are aching. Make sure to have adjustable office chairs for posture support to help them sit up straight and avoid the back and neck pain that comes with poor posture.

The ones with both lumbar and pelvic support are the best because they support the lower back and stop your employee from sliding away.

But don’t stop there. Get a sofa. Fill them with pillows. If you’re tight on budget, let your staff bring their own plushies. Allot space for them to relax or take short naps after long hours of staring at the screen. Time for rest is important in the incubation process of ideas. They need to regain their energy.

Set Up a Library

And fill them with books from different genres. Put George R.R. Martin in the same shelf as Neil Gaiman, Dr. Seuss, and J.K. Rowling. Put in some self-help books about productivity and creativity there too. If there’s not enough money to fill a bookshelf, inviting the employees to share books works fine.

Remember that all ideas are inspired from other ideas, and are just different versions of something else. And the great ones even came from somewhere we didn’t expect. Isaac Newton’s laws of physics were triggered from seeing an apple fall down from the tree. Imagining different worlds and characters can help them think outside the box.

Put Paintings on the Wall

Even if the staff is required to work for eight hours a day, it’s unrealistic to assume that all they do in those hours is work. Sometimes the mind becomes idle, and wanders to elements in the room. Having artwork in the background can help inspire them, if not give them a break from the exhausting task of writing a pitch, or researching the latest tech trends.

Pictures on the wall can be relaxing, and can invite people to imagine. You don’t need a Mona Lisa painting, or a copy of The Last Supper to fill the room. Pictures related to your industry will do fine, or inspirational quotes that can motivate them. You can even invite them to put up the drawings of their children up the wall.

Creativity is just making sure that your office isn’t uncomfortable and monotonous for your employees. You want them to enjoy going to work, not resent it. Looking for a partner in productivity and creativity? We have the chair you need.

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