Postures to Avoid When Pregnant

Congratulations! Being pregnant is a blessing. It feels like a miracle to have a human being grow inside you. The impending pain in labor will bear a beautiful baby that you will call your child. But it’s not an easy journey. You’re going to have a specific diet, and the people around you will have to deal with your mood swings.

On top of that, you will also need to avoid postures that might be detrimental to your pregnancy. Good posture is hard to maintain especially when you have a growing bump in front of you that will try and curve your back. But your efforts will make a difference to your baby.

It’s about time to stop slouching on your comfortable office chair and start sitting up straight. Here are the DONTs of posture you need to know to have a healthy pregnancy journey up to the last trimester.

Don’t Throw Your Shoulders Far Back

This is a recipe for straining your lower back in pregnancy. The extra weight already makes it more likely for you to experience back pain. It’s better to let your shoulders drop naturally relaxed. This is also more conducive to good posture.

Don’t Cross Your Legs

Crossing your legs decreases the circulation of your blood and may result to varicose veins. Always sit with both your legs sitting on the chair so that blood can freely flow through your body. Your knees should be the same level as your hips.

Don’t Slouch

Sitting or standing with a hunched back puts pressure on the spine and tightens the muscles on your back. This also impairs your breathing. It may be tempting to slouch especially because the little human in your tummy adds extra weight during pregnancy but you need to resist this to prevent back pain.

Always stand and sit straight. A lot of times, the wrong chair condones slouching. You can buy office chairs for better posture to help maintain a straight back.

Don’t Lock Your Knees

Doing this might strain your lower back and make it hard for you to breathe. Stand with feet apart to make sure that you distribute your weight evenly and across your whole foot. This way you won’t strain your feet too. This position is safer for you and your baby.

Poor posture for pregnant women occurs as a natural consequence of having a growing tummy in the three trimesters. The muscles in your abdomen become stretched through the months and this is when those muscles have lesser capacity to contract and align your lower back in a better posture. Moreover, your heightened hormone levels also loosen the joints and ligaments that hold your bones together.

Good posture requires meticulous practice and developing it as a habit. You need to resist the curving of your lower back and straighten it. Contacting an office chair company just to buy an ergonomic chair is worth the hassle. Remember, a health baby needs a healthy mom.

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