Important Elements of a Good Working Environment

It’s not news that a person’s work environmentspace-desk-office-hero-7065 affects her productivity and performance. Because of this finding, ergonomic chairs were designed specifically to answer problems with back pain that the average comfortable office chair cannot address.

But chairs are only one piece of the puzzle. There are multiple factors that contribute to the work environment.


Employees need privacy to concentrate on work as this limits the external distractions that a person is exposed to. But more than that, it also allows them to produce better outputs. People feel anxious when their work is directly open to public scrutiny when their colleagues can see what they’re doing even though they are still in the process of doing it. It pollutes the trial and error process. Dividers and allotting appropriate space between people are helpful in creating a sense of privacy.

It’s also not healthy to completely isolate an employee from everyone else as interactions with other people who have different ideas are also important. The key thing is to give employees a safe space to go through their work process and only break their privacy in instances were active group work is required. Having a common room for everyone to visit in taking breaks will also incentivize them to get out of their cubicles every once in a while.


This is where ergonomic chairs come in. It’s hard to focus on doing a report, or coming up with creative concepts, when the chair is too hard, your neck and back is hurting, and you can’t adjust your inappropriately short chair. That doesn’t even include the fact that you have to bow down just to look at your screen.

Back pain is one of the leading work-related injuries that even office workers experience because of a sedentary lifestyle. Make sure to buy office chair for your staff that has adjustable features. Companies need to consider that people come in all shapes and sizes.

 Chairs for posture support also exist to help employees sit up straight and prevent back pain with better posture. Comfort improves focus, and good posture promotes a generally positive disposition.

Right Temperature

Unlike CEOs who sit in executive office chairs alone in their air-conditioned rooms, other employees who share the entire floor don’t always have the room temperature they prefer. When the room is filled with people even with an AC, it sometimes becomes a little hot under their business suits and dress. Temperature interferes with their productivity by shifting their attention from their actual work to the fact that their sweating and it’s uncomfortable under their clothes.

If it’s a little too cold, employees can’t focus as well especially when they’re shivering, and when their hands become too cold to type. It’s important to constantly ask feedback from people about whether or not it’s not cold enough or if it’s too cold. Work environments also have to adjust to the weather.

The elements of office space may initially seem to be just about aesthetics and comfort but even both are the things that human beings perceive first with their senses. What they see, and hear, and feel, affects how they think, and generally affect their productivity.

Any company that wants to grow and increase their profit will need to invest more in their most important resource: their employees.

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