The Benefits of Good Posture for Pro-Gamers

Pro-gaming is a sport—maybe not a physically active one, but a sport nonetheless. It’s also tiring to sit in comfortable office chairs for more than half a day trying to defeat other players from the other side of the world. Moreover, it requires not just a game strategy  in beating the dragons, trolls, and gods in the game, but also a performance strategy that keeps the player herself in top shape.

Normal athletes in physical sports exercise to develop good reflexes, some of them dedicated to a training regimen, stretching in yoga chairs and whatnot. Professional gamers, on the other hand, need to maintain a good posture. Here are the reasons why:

Higher Endurance

In eSports, athletes also need endurance: night-television-tv-theme-machinesthe ability to remain active for long hours of gaming. The worst enemy of endurance is fatigue as a result of sitting for an extend period of time. Slouching, a posture common for gamers, actually hinder their ability to play for a longer time because it misaligns our head forward, putting weight on our neck, straining it, and making us feel more tired.

Our head contributes to eight percent of the total body weight. Yes, it’s heavy. That’s why good posture is necessary for us to balance the weight and avoid straining our neck. You can simply do this by aligning your head to your shoulders instead of leaning forward with a dropped gaze. You can also adjust the height of your chair, or table, to make sure that the monitor is at eye level instead of below.

Pain Prevention

Pain exists for a reason. It’s our part of our body’s troubleshooting process, functioning as a sensor for which part of us needs immediate attention. That’s why we feel back and shoulder pain after long hours in a hunched position. Back injuries are common for athletes, but most of them suffer from it from lifting weights.

On the other hand, eAthletes only sit around all day holding a keyboard and a mouse yet they experience the same kind of injury. For both types of player, pain disrupts performance. It distracts them from focusing on the game, and may even contribute to long-term complications if not treated well. Good posture prevents that by putting less pressure on the spine. Sitting up straight puts the spine in its natural slightly ‘S’ shape, making it less likely for people to hurt their back.

For people who find it hard to grow out of poor posture they got used to, there are chairs for posture support that can help the lumbar (lower back) and pelvic areas. Through this, they don’t slip away from proper posture to the slouch they’re familiar with.

Faster Speed

Posture has everything to do with speed. For one thing, it determines how active you still are after sitting in front of the screen until midnight. For another, your reflexes depend on how your body is positioned.

Slouching gives you less flexibility because your hands are closer to your body. Sitting up straight gives an adequate distance between your arms and your abdomen area, making it easier to move, click, and press different keys.

Improving these three areas is crucial for pro-gamers. It’s one thing to be smart in playing the game, but it’s another to have the body that can endure it.

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