Posture Tips to Become Productive Writers

Writing is not just about thinking or continuous scribbling of what you want to say. It involves meticulous plaiting of creativity, organization of thoughts, correct grammar and proper use of punctuations. Sometimes, the clean sheet of paper can remain as blank as your facial expression before you can think of a nugget of an idea. And as you try to translate it into something worth readable, you’ll realize that your entrails have already become your extrails, and vice versa. Bloody – the writing game that is.

But really, what I’m trying to say is that writing also needs physical affluence. Writing is not just a mental activity (although a lot would go mental about it). Most writers neglect the importance of correct writing posture as long as they have coffee and a cigarette on the table. Yes, both are uppers but its long term effects will push you down the spiral staircase. Face first, against a slimy floor with cat poop all over.

When you say ergonomics, it simply means finding the correct working science of everything- and that includes writing. For you to become a great writer, you need a great deal of concentration. And concentration is all about control and order. You cannot concentrate with a cluttered, noisy environment. The same applies to your body. If your body structures are not properly aligned, you cannot totally function properly.

If you want Hemingway to be proud of your writing prowess, start observing proper posture when writing. Here are tips to maintain good writing form that will make you a better and happier writer.

Posture Perfect Chair

Choose a chair that perfectly suits your writing posture needs, and what you need should have the right pelvis and middle back support. They will keep the natural alignment of your spine without the discomfort. When your back is properly aligned, you can expect your energy and concentration levels to remain stable throughout the day. How, you ask? Oxygenation. A straight back facilitates lung expansion, allowing more oxygen to keep your organs pumping.

Professor X’s hover chair has almost the same features. Go, re-check Google!

Good Working Distance

Whether you’re using a laptop or a desktop, you have to adjust the distance of your working station according to your eye level and arms’ reach. You might be using a good pilates exercise chair for your back when writing but if you keep overreaching for things or your head is stooping because of poorly adjusted monitor, then the whole set-up defeats the principle of ergonomics.

Walk in Between Writings

Shake the muscle tensions away. Keep your circulation on the green go. Assuming a static position for long periods impede proper blood flow to certain parts of your body. Surely, you wouldn’t want to write uncomfortably with muscle cramps.

Now, if you are looking for perfect chairs for posture support (that almost look like Professor X’s), Posture Perfect Chair Company can offer you that and more. With more, I mean increased productivity, healthier spine and better posture.

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