Proper Posture During Pregnancy

There are a lot of opposing views when it comes to pregnancy. For some women, the whole nine months is a struggle because of the pain and the brutal changes the body go through. For others, pregnancy is a glorious journey – each month, a wonderful development and worthwhile experience.

There’s more to pregnancy than just the baby bump. While it’s both difficult and amazing, you have to understand the principles of coping with the change it does to the body. This doesn’t only go out to the expecting mothers but also the fathers.


Whether you already have a bun in the oven or planning to have one, you should consider having the proper posture to deal with these major physiologic and psychological changes. With correct posture, you’ll be taking a great deal of stress out of the way and lighten your burden through your journey to motherhood.

So, how do you keep a proper posture when expecting?


Look straight ahead with your chin in. Avoid leaning your head forward, backward or sideways.

Keep your shoulders back and your chest forward. While this position is taxing for any regular person, this is an easy posture to assume for pregnant women. As you can observe, most will have their arms akimbo, pushing their tummy out (prompting the chest to prompt forward and the shoulders at the back). This is sometimes called the pride of pregnancy since they would look proud and strong with that great belly.

Point your feet in the same direction – some may not be able to visually check their feet with the bump blocking the view especially those in the third trimester but I’m sure you will be able to mentally point your feet forward. Wear a low-heeled pair of shoes (or flats) for better sole support.

Of course, even if you’re standing in the correct position, it is not advisable that you stand for a long time. It would cause too much pressure on your leg muscles as well as on the veins of your lower extremities.


First, you should consider choosing the best chair for your condition. The lumbar area of pregnant women are sensitive because they use most of the these back muscles to hold the tummy weight up. An office posture chair or chair for back pain is an excellent seat considering its features are specially designed for an ideal back support.

Once you have the perfect chair, sit at the end with your back straight. Distribute your body weight to the hips, and avoid crossing your legs.

Do some stretching exercise every 30 minutes. Avoid sitting in one position for long hours.

Now, here’s the challenge – standing up. When you stand up from sitting on your comfortable office chair, make sure that nothing is blocking your feet, and you have something to hold on to for support, like a sturdy desk (or better yet, call someone to help you). Stand up on both legs and avoid bending forward at your waist as this would impede proper breathing.

Lying Down

Avoid lying on your back or on your stomach (the latter’s pretty obvious). Aside from causing back ache, lying flat on your back will block proper blood circulation to and from the baby.

The best lying position for pregnant women is the left-side lying position. Take note, left. Why? Anatomically speaking, the largest vein of your body is situated slightly on the right side of abdomen called the inferior vena cava. This is the vein that is responsible for bringing the unoxygenated blood from your lower extremities to your heart. This blood is then delivered to your heart’s right chambers, then to the lungs to get oxygen. The oxygenated blood will be pumped back to your heart’s left chambers to be distributed to the other parts of the body, including to your baby.

Now, if this vein is compressed, there will be decreased blood flow to your baby. Not only that, you can also potentially compromise blood circulation to your other major organs, like the brain, making you feel light-headed or dizzy.

Above are only 3 of the many pointers you have to remember when assuming any position during pregnancy. However, these tips can already make a difference in your journey. Suffice to say, there are a lot of pregnancy books that you can refer to for the more delicate details. As I have been emphasizing, posture has a huge influence on our well-being. Now the question is, when are you going to correct your posture?

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