Jobs that are Prone to Physical Body Pain and How to Avoid It

Does your job require you to use too much physical strength? Does your body feel uncomfortable and irritated at the end of the day? The best and comfortable chair for posture is what you need. There are a number of jobs that are at risk of having back pain. Maybe you are one of those who belong to this sector.

People who are prone to back pain are not only those who sit all day in front of the computer, but also those who use strength to earn a living. If your job is mentioned below, then it is high time that you pay attention to the risks of body pain.


Sitting for long periods of time, plus using your arms’ strength for driving may not be an easy thing to do especially for drivers of tractor-trailers and heavy trucks. Constant spine compression as well as tight low back muscles can cause pain at the back.

Construction Workers

Too much use of physical strength such as lifting of heavy materials, and constant pulling, cutting or hammering are all required when you work in the field of construction. Repetitive carrying, tugging, and bending may also worsen your back pain. In addition, life-threatening actions such as climbing ladders are at risk for falling that can cause spinal injuries.


If your work requires you to lift heavy objects such as bags of stones, dirt and small trees, then you are at risk of back pain. Motions such as bending, turning and twisting are dangerous for your spine.

Police Officers

If you experience lower back pain, this is because you abuse your back by sitting on your police car for extended periods. Your heavy equipment belts may also contribute to your pain.

Peace Officers

If you belong in this sector, you may experience pain at your back from time to time. Firemen and emergency medical staff experience back pain because of carrying patients, lifting heavy materials, as well as using water powered fire hose, and axes.

Nursing Home Workers and Nurses

If you belong in the field of medicine,then you are prone to spinal injuries and back pain. This is caused by lifting and moving patients between their bed and comfort room. Since you need more physical strength to lift a human body, you are not spared from the list of jobs prone to back pain.

Dentists and Surgeons

As a dentist or surgeon, you are required to bend, stoop, and stand for long hours that can cause back and neck pain.

Warehouse Workers

If you work in a warehouse, you may often use forceful motions such as lifting, bending, and carrying. Sometimes you are required to drive trucks or operate industrial vehicles that cause vibrations to your body. This exposure to vibration can also cause back pain and soreness.

Store Checkout Personnel

If you work as a store checkout personnel, then your work requires you to stand in a place for long periods. You may encounter pain at your neck and back due to packing or bagging items and also carrying heavy bags of groceries.

The use of posture support chair is recommended especially for people with jobs that are prone to back pain and neck pain. If you work in the office, then you should own a comfortable office chair for your back. Having extra time to sit on the best chair for posture is helpful for your body, allowing it to rest from the constant awkward movements required by your work.

It is also important to exercise and to have a healthy diet daily. Find some time to rest and exercise, and your body will thank you later.

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