How Posture Affects your Concentration

According to studies, the average attention span of humans has significantly reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since the rage of the mobile technology in the early 2000s – that is 1 second shorterthan the attention span of a goldfish. Our brain has adapted so much to the digital lifestyle and has created a feel-good center for everything that is instant.

The influence of technology to our daily lives has been so great that we abuse it, causing us to forget to weigh the pros and the cons, but we should know better. For every initial reaction, our mind and body have the ability to counter react. We just have to exercise our brain to use the power of the will (more often) because the body will just comply.

One of the many factors that affect mental concentration is your posture – and yes, this is something you can alter. So, if you are someone who has trouble focusing on one thing for more than a few minutes, what should you do?

Here are posture tips that can help you concentrate and be more productive:

Ditch Slouching

Are you reading this with a C-curved back? Straighten your spine if you want to finish reading the whole article. Slouching obstructs proper oxygenation. Aside from the fact that it causes back discomfort, the scrunching position compresses your lungs, which decreases the amount of oxygen going into your body.

One of the major organs that demands adequate oxygen supply is your brain. Your brain is your body’s master manipulator. If it doesn’t get the pampering that it needs, it will manifest its tantrums through headaches, mood swings,and yes – poor concentration. This is where most weak working relationships and failed job evaluations begin.

There are a lot posture correction devices that you can use, from therapeutic back braces to chairs for posture support, to condition your back to assume its natural position. Of course, you should not rely everything to these devices, you should also follow the advice below.

Exercise, Move Around

Exercise is important in maintaining the your physical and mental fitness. Your body is designed for mobility and if you do not move those muscles, your predisposition to develop sedentary diseases like hypertension increases.

Exercise also promotes blood circulation. Aside from keeping your body in proper alignment, muscle activity prompts your heart to pump more blood. You just have to keep in mind that you also need to do exercise breathing during your physical activities. This habit is a perfect equation to achieving better health. More blood, more oxygen.

Now, what’s the connection of exercise to mental health? Medical reports have recorded that persons who constantly exercise have an enormous sense of well-being and better stress handling skills. They feel energized throughout the day and the sense of fulfillment helps them keep a positive outlook.

Thebest chair for posture isn’t just there for sitting. It’s actually a good starting point to consider changing your bad habit of poor posture by doing little exercises whether at home or at work.

Relax and Get a Massage

Therapeutic massages relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. Since you are in a relaxed state, your mind and body can focus more. Like any living creature, taking a rest is essential in maintaining optimum health.

You can perform some simple massages to yourself anywhere. Remember how you applied pressure on your temple whenever you feel stress? Maximize the use of your office chair for your back by incorporating light temple rub whenever your mind is flitting from one thing to another. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone in one sitting – you’re maintaining that natural curve of your back and you’re giving your head a minute or two of total relaxation.

Posture may be one of the most overlooked aspects of health but it affects most of our body and mental functions. If you want to be a whole new person with the perfect mental sharpness, you can always seek assistance from posture or fitness experts.

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