Health Problems from Poor Posture

We’ve heard about the importance of keeping a good posture over and over again. Sitting tall on a comfortable office chair, standing straight, and holding your head high may be the simplest things you can do, but maintaining these posture habits can actually bring you to greater heights.

Good posture is one of the classic signs of being healthy. Why? A naturally aligned spine promotes maximum lung expansion, which is necessary for your body to get the ideal level of oxygen.

Oxygen is your body’s power source. If your body is adequately oxygenated, you’ll feel energized throughout the day, increasing your productivity.

If you have poor posture, you can expect a series of ramifications from physical discomfort to mental distress to come your way. What makes it even more worrisome is that most do not really pay close attention to the little details that poor posture bring out. You only start doing something about it when it becomes severe.

If you’re already experiencing the pangs of poor posture, be guided of below signs to watch out for.

Neck and Back Pain

This is the most obvious and common symptom that you will experience if you have been keeping a poor posture. Even if it hasn’t become a habit yet, the moment you’ll slouch for a straight 10 minutes that will eventually cause a discomfort in your neck and back.

Listen to what your ligaments are saying. Every ache corresponds to two things – imbalance and misalignment. Break away from slouching immediately once you notice you’ve been assuming this position for hours. Stretch your back and hips, walk around. Keep those circulation running by moving your body.


Do you remember when your mother reminded you to stand when you’re so full after having your meal? She has a point. A straight back allows room for your bowels to move. If you scrunch, you will be compressing your abdomen, slowing down the peristalsis. This is where constipation problems begin.

Water isn’t enough to maintain a regular bowel movement. Proper posture and mobilization are also needed to maintain normal digestion.


You need not wonder if you feel so tired even if you’re just sitting all day with poor posture on your executive office chair. Improper posture prevents your body from getting enough circulation. As I have explained several times, cell nourishment and oxygenation are needed to keep your body’s energy level – and you get all these through circulation.

So if you feel drained and distressed, do a minute of stretching or walk around. Keep those blood vessels patent and muscles energized.

Overall, poor posture may be doing more than just affect the way you look. It also has a negative impact on your normal physiology as well as your daily productivity. Taking time to correct your posture may not only help you look more confident and appealing, it also prevents you from dealing with a number of serious health issues later on in life.

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