Daily Factors that Cause Postural Dysfunction

Having a good posture isn’t just about looking good. The way you sit, stand, walk, and sleep, can affect the physiology of your body. If only maintaining proper posture can become everybody’s favorite habit, that would have been another power bar to our life expectancy.

Sadly, slouching has been the position of choice by most people. Why? Your back muscles tend to double its effort in keeping with that upright position. It’s natural for the body to take a rest once in a while, and slouching has always been the shortcut to relief from all the tensions.

With this, it can be said that nicotine has taken another form – you feel good, you make it a habit, but it’s slowly causing some damage, partially to your lungs, but mostly to your spine.
However, before you blame everything to slouching, there are a lot of other contributing factors that can lead to poor posture. What I will be sharing with you are simple things that you can modify in an instant or gradually at your own pace.

Deliberate Negligence

“Sit or stand up straight!”, you might have heard it from your mother several times, but somehow fell on deaf ears. At primary school, grooming and posture are all part of the teaching and guidance syllabus. You are technically taught of the importance of correct posture when you were younger, but what happened since then?

Career, community standing, and other life essentials might have been on the top of your priority, but posture is way down on the list. The only time that most people give posture some serious consideration is when they start to feel a gnawing pain that cannot be alleviated with analgesics.

You may not be experiencing the worst effects of poor posture for now, but you should start observing and correcting the alignment of your spine. You may start by getting yourself a yoga chair to help you maintain that proper posture, especially if your daily work involves too much sitting.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Have you met slouching’s cousin? Everybody have, I’m sure. From burger binging to sleeping all day, we’ve probably have done one of these things for once or many times in our lives, but a sedentary lifestyle can cause serious damage to your health.

Instead of stretching or walking around to activate those muscles, you’d rather scrunch on your lazy couch or sit on your comfortable office chair all day, and let the others do the legwork for you. It’s our devotion to a sedentary lifestyle that keeps us from achieving that optimum health status.

Whatever lifestyle you have right now, start modifying one area and gradually correct the others, too. Once your body will get used to a healthier lifestyle, you will eventually feel better physically and mentally.

Poor Ergonomic Work Stations

Do you have to stoop just to work in front of your monitor? Is your executive office chair’s back too stiff and buttress support too uncomfortably hard? If one or two mentioned things are true to your current situation, then it’s high time to make a change.

Adjust your monitor accordingly to your eye level. Keep things and documents within your arm’s reach. If you want to get something that’s out of your reach, you better stand, or ask someone else to hand it for you. Avoid over-reaching or incorrect waist pivoting as it may stress out your back.

Maintain a space for everything. This way, you wouldn’t have any difficulty working at your desk or looking for things.

So there you have it, 3 simple issues that you can address right away, especially if you’re trying to look and feel better by correcting your posture.

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