Three Proven Exercises for a Better Posture

Those who have office work, most of the time, find it hard to do some exercises, let alone maintain one. A lot of them would argue that because of the demands of their work, spending even a little routine exercise might be a waste of time. So they would sacrifice a better part of their health for them to be able to attend to their respective call of duties.

That’s where the problems start. Spending 7 to 8 hours on your office chair, literally, can be harmful to your health. You might not feel the effects initially, but over time, your back pain would consume your day, you can’t even work at all.

At times, however, it’s not a question of when you are you going to do some exercises, but what sort of exercise position one has to do to achieve proper posture.

Aside from getting these adjustable office chairs, those who are serious about making some changes to their office routine by way of exercise can use one or two of these exercise positions in relation to getting that desired posture.


Keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules when following an exercise routine, it’s just that you have to determine which among these proper postures for exercise best suit your style or regimen.

  • Plank – If you want a stronger core, then a classic plank is the way to go. It perks up a multitude of muscles, to start with. You might not be able to use your office posture chair for this, but once in a while you need to plank in order to flex those abdominal muscles after spending a glorious amount of time in that sturdy chair.


  • Seated Twist –There are office chairs for posture improvement that saves you both time and resources. Their adjustable nature is what makes these chairs so valuable that those who are intent of pursuing that desired figure only has to secure these chairs, and extricate themselves of further back problems.


And a seated twist, which is what an office posture can do, helps maintain a strong back. All you need to do is exhale and use the right arm of your chair to twist. Just make sure, though, your abdomen and chest is facing the right arm of your chair. Hold this position before returning to that previous position and repeat the same process on the other side.


  • Shoulder Rolls – Another unique position you can do with your adjustable office chair is the shoulder roll. Here’s the trick: inhale and raise your shoulders to your ears, hold it for some seconds before exhaling while pulling your shoulder blades down. Repeat it 5 times (preferably twice a day).


Most of these posture regimens, however,take a lot of effort to achieve that desired effect. But if you can buy an adjustable office chair from Posture Perfect Chair Company, you’ll be able to have a pain-free back for a long time.

Suffice it to say, you don’t have to exert more muscles into your exercise just to have a perfect posture, secure it with a Posture Perfect chair right in front of your desk. For more of these office chairs for posture development, you can explore my website and you’ll be guaranteed of a more informed choice before you hit the purchase button.

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