The Fallacies of Lumbar Support

What do you notice in most ergonomic chairs? If you look at this type of chairs sideways, the backrest would have this S-curve that would entice you to believe that it would help maintain the natural arch of your spine.

Commercially, these chairs are known to promote lumbar support. But the truth is – when you’re in a sitting position, your lumbar area doesn’t need any support at all.

In this article, I would be sharing with you the fallacies of lumbar support so you would know better when you choose which functional chair serves best for your spine health.

Fallacy #1: Lumbar Support Corrects Slumped Sitting Position

The proponents of lumbar support affirm that a slouched sitting posture results from the extreme flexion of the lumbar spine. So to correct this poor bearing, a lumbar support is a necessary feature of any posture support chair.

However, studies have shown that a focused buttress on the lumbar area doesn’t correct the slumping position at all. Why? It is because the stooping of your back affects mostly of your lower to middle thoracic spine, and not much on your lumbar range.

In fact, adding a cushion to your lumbar when in a sitting position prompts your head to droop forward, causing more body misalignment.

Fallacy #2: Lumbar Support Promotes Proper Standing Posture

Prolonged sitting using a lumbar support chair displaces your upper torso behind your hips. How? Considering your middle back is leaning farther away from your desk,and your hips are pushed forward because of the structural back support of the said posture perfect chair, your body’s automatic response is to bring your head forward. And your shoulder would start to slouch, bending your spine forward, too.

Another disturbing matter about lumbar guide is that it places your body in a relaxed but overstretched position,particularly on your lower abdominal muscles. These muscles are imperative in maintaining correct sitting and standing postures.

Now, if your body would get used to this type of distorted sitting, the way you stand will be affected in the long run. And you will look like the guy who’s drowning in paperwork even if your job is just to sit and to stamp all day.

Fallacy #3: Lumbar Support Decreases the Risk of Any Spinal Disc Complication

The “cushion” of a lumbar support chair elongates your actual lumbar area. And excessive lumbar extension can cause vertebral fracture, especially if your line of work includes heavy lifting.

Also, when driving, the support is placed too high above your pelvis that destabilizes its ability to absorb shock from the rocking motion. This may cause disc herniation, if not properly given with immediate attention.

So there you have it – the three major fallacies of lumbar support. The next time you hear something like this on commercials; then you know that they really aren’t concerned about your back and posture.

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