Posture and Fashion

If there is one thing that is constantly changing but still proves to be essential throughout, it is fashion. Fashion has a great influence to your identity. Whether you admit it or not, a certain degree of how you adorn and carry yourself depends on what is currently making a statement in the mainstream. Some would even go to the extent of sacrificing their personal comfort just to look fashionably on-fleek.

Fashion over function. That phrase has been around for some time because of how some have sacrificed some normal human trait just to look good. One of those easily sacrificed to fashion is posture. From heavy headdresses to pointy stilletos – a part of your body would eventually start to buckle because of stress. In response to this, your body will find a way to balance the pressure. However, your body’s compensatory mechanisms don’t always prove to be beneficial for you.

You can either find relief by keeping a forward head position, moving towards a semi-lordotic state, or  just by simply slouching. Once your body finds these positions as relaxing, it would prompt your brain to “remember”or make these poor postures as your default relief if ever you find yourself in the same type of discomfort again.


So what can you do to keep yourself from assuming poor posture while looking gracious in those vestments? Here are three smart and effective solutions:


It pays if you can have your vestments tailored according to your body measurements. Inasmuch as donning body-hugging dresses are stunning to look at, it would be even better if you request your couturier to provide enough allowance especially on the chest and waist areas.

Your lungs need healthy room for expansion. Tight dresses limit your chest movement that would prompt you to do shallow breathing since you cannot inhale comfortably. Shallow breathing compromises your normal intake of oxygen that would make you more prone to experience fatigue.

Plus, it also forces your back to assume one static position the whole time. Your back needs a little stretching once in a while to release the tension.


Take a seat. Whether it’s on a comfortable office chair or a chair specifically designed to alleviate back pain, give those tense soles and lower back a break. You can also go for a relaxing massage or a soothing foot soak the next day. Take note, it should be the next day. Soaking your overworked feet immediately after a night of party in heels would cause your veins to constrict, inhibiting proper blood flow.

Keep Your Proper Body Alignment in Mind

Remember that your spine has a natural S-curve – not straight, not slouched. So, whatever fashion statement you’re trying to pull off, proper posture never goes out of style! Not only will you look sleek and on-point in person or in photos, you will also prevent doing any harm to your spine.

There you have it. 3 pointers to remain fashionable without putting your health and posture at risk. Aside from these, you can also get a chair or other posture paraphernalia to keep your spine in check between your events or while waiting for your next glam party.

Keep in mind: your back is as important as any part of your body, so put more value to it over your quest to be the next trend-setter.

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