Posture and Confidence

Let’s face it – confidence is not something you are naturally born with. Some would oppose saying that the biggest and most influential people are gifted with it. I say, it is something to be cultivated by time and with experience.

And by time and experience, I meant your will of finding the best version of you. And how do you begin re-inventing yourself? Start by looking at your image in the mirror and introspect. Does the reflection exude confidence? If nay, check your posture.

Posture is a very underrated aspect of health, especially with today’s predisposition to a more sedentary lifestyle brought about by the technology’s power to gratify everything in an instant. Feeling hungry? Instant ramen noodles. Bored? Check your Facebook. Experiencing back pain? An adjustable office chair will take care of that.

Everything seems so easy breezy that having an active lifestyle is something that is reserved only for those who have the time and money to hit the gym and break a sweat. How about the regular guy sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours a day?

Socially speaking, most would choose a 4-hour-no-bladder-break in online gaming over a nice excursion with the family. And seldom do you see groups of friends talk without their mobile phones out. This generation’s populace is so engrossed with technology that we tend to forget how to connect with one another on a more personal level.

No wonder a lot of people, especially the millenials, deal with confidence issues, and what’s sad about it is that they have little patience in doing something about it. This is not something that can be dealt with instantly.

So if you want to start building self-confidence and face the world head on, I suggest that you start with the simplest part – posture.

Here’s how good posture can rebrand yourself into a more appealing, composed, and productive person:

Posture = Power

The king of the jungle does it with broad stances and a roar. The silver back does it by standing tall and pounding his chest to steer the uninvited away from his pack. Yes, the giants of the wild show power over other species through posture.

The same principle applies to us, especially those who are working in a competitive environment. If you keep your back straight, your chest will naturally broaden, making you look bigger and dominant. This appearance will give you a very appealing impression. And that is exactly one of the things you need to embody if you want to stand out from the ordinary.

Good Mood All Day

Physiologically, slouching limits lung expansion, which could impede proper oxygenation to your vital organs, especially the brain. And when your brain doesn’t get adequate oxygen – it will let you know in a an uncomfortable way. How? Through that infamous headache.

And it isn’t really convenient to work with a throbbing head. Plus, it could play with your mood throughout the day. You don’t want to be tagged as the good-for-nothing moody guy.

So to maintain a cheery mood with increased concentration in your usual daily tasks, start by pampering your body with the oxygen that it needs through proper posture.

Increased Productivity

In connection with my explanation above, proper oxygenation is equal to increased concentration. Aside from that, oxygen also acts as gasoline to your muscles. With sustained concentration and energy, you will always be able to give your best at everything you do, especially at work.

But maintaining good posture throughout the day is difficult. When you start to feel a little ache in your neck and back, you can always find relief with the aid of a good chair for back pain.

So, for that confidence boost that you’ve been trying to look for a while now, begin with yourself. Begin with posture. And you can always find the best assistive sitting device with us that also functions as a Pilates exercise chair. If you’re interested to know more about posture support chairs, please do explore my website.

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