How to Age Gracefully with Proper Posture

woman-bench-stand-by-blonde-157622 Those grey strands of hair are one of the many signs of the inevitable – aging. You may be growing a little rounder on the waist, get a bit moodier than your usual, or you’ve been forgetting things more often. Relax, everybody goes through this stage and all of these are normal.

Aging is a physiologically degenerative process. Meaning, the vigour and resilience of your physical health will not be as great as you were younger as you age. However, many are saying that aging is a state of mind. You’re just as old or as young as how you think and feel. Aside from this, your general lifestyle and environment play certain roles on how you fare as you get older.

If you are someone who wants to remain looking elegant even with the wrinkles, you can start by taking care of your posture at a young age. If you think that you’re past your youth stage, start anyway. Here’s how proper posture can make you look and feel ten times younger than your age:

Less Fatiguability

Oxygen, oxygen, oxygen. As I have explained in my previous articles, oxygen serves as your body’s fuel. Even at your best, you can only go as far as 5 minutes without oxygen. If you assume proper posture, the oxygen level in your system is increased because your lungs is able to expand adequately.

If you’re body is well oxygenated, you will feel energized throughout the day. You will be able to complete your tasks or help around the house which is something adults in their advanced ages feel complain about. Proper posture not only keeps you invigorated, you will also embody a positive perception of yourself.

Less Ouch and Argh

Bone deterioration is part of the aging process. This is why there are a lot of specialized calcium-rich beverages meant for the 50s and up. However, you can slow down this mechanism with posture and double the effect with diet and exercise.

There are routines that you can do on a standing position with support or while sitting on a chair for back pain. Remember, your body is not designed to adopt a static position for long periods. Office posture chairs are good assistive devices in maintaining proper posture, but it doesn’t mean that you have to rely on this apparatus to do all the work. So, move your body once in a while.

If exercising is not your cup of tea, you can go out for a short walk or water your garden. Your routines don’t have to be arduous as long as you move your bones and muscles every now and then.

Your bones and muscles’ density will improve if you keep using them. Have you noticedpeople with paralyzed extremities have less muscles surrounding the thin bones? This is because the affected parts do not or cannot be moved.

Take note, your musculoskeletal system become thinner or weaker when they are not used often. With stronger bones, you can experience lesser body aches and discomfort.

Increased Longevity

With all the positive physical effects and better self-image brought about by proper posture and healthy lifestyle, your ability to recover from an illness will improve. Of course, this is something that cannot happen in a week’s time (unless you’re gifted with a self-healing superpower like Wolverine). It takes patience and discipline to keep this kind of healthy living.

Like any property, a house for instance, its integrity will depend on how the owners maintain the interior and exterior. If you take it for granted, your house will likely have holes or be damaged in no time. If you take good care of it, then it can last longer.

With that said, start giving posture the attention that it needs to keep yourself healthy. Yes, sitting on a comfortable office chair or lying on your bed all day can feel good and relaxed, but you’re missing a lot for your bones and muscles. Aging is inevitable but you can always slow it down. As I said, start with posture.

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