Why Choose Posture Perfect Chair Company’s Spinal Support Chairs?

As an experienced professional fitness trainer, I have developed this clinical eye for posture problems by the way a person stands, sits or walks.

It is worrisome, though, that most people have posture issues,but choose to ignore it. It may be because of the notion that poor posture doesn’t directly cause major health problems, or because of this usual laymen’s perception that if you do not feel any pain – then you’re generally healthy.


Our Goal


I understand that maintaining proper posture can be a taxing practice, especially for those who are accustomed to the relaxed feeling of slouching.

Whether you are at home, watching your favorite television show, or in the office, sitting comfortably on your executive office chair, you should as much as possible observe proper body alignment.

But how do you maintain correct posture, especially if part of your daily tasks involve sitting for long hours?

We, at Posture Perfect Chair Company, see this concern, and one of the main reasons why I started this business is to help you improve your posture without the discomfort brought about by forced posture corrections.

So, what makes our chair the best option for your spinal health?


It Maintains the Natural Curve of your Spine

Unlike the regular ergonomic chairs which target only lumbar support, our posture perfect chair extends its target from your pelvic area up to your middle back.

What most of you miss out is that the lumbar area doesn’t need as much support as your pelvis and mid-back area does when in a sitting position.

Why? Because when you sit, the weight of your upper body is generally supported by your pelvis. Your middle back, on the other hand, would tend to bend forward if your pelvis is not given the support it needs. And this is why you still slouch even if you’re using a generic office chair.


Guaranteed Improvement in your Posture


While I do not claim that our posture perfect chairs can cure your back misalignment or problems, I could guarantee that our product can give you the healthiest sitting experience.

As what most medical professionals and even our mothers would say, prevention is still our best option to be healthy. And this is what our chairs can provide you – the perfect framework for proper sitting posture.

But if you’re someone who is already diagnosed with spinal problems and is already under medical treatment and therapy, our chairs can alleviate your pain or discomfort. The least you would want is to aggravate your condition because of careless and improper posture habits.

So, start correcting your posture and give your spine the best pampering that it deserves. Do it with our posture perfect chair.

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