Top 3 Back Breakers

Back pain is the most common complaint among all ages, especially in today’s generation. We are so into this sedentary lifestyle, influenced by technology’s one-click gratification of our wants and needs. We would rather choose the lift over the stairs or Facebooking all day over these more traditional chores. And it is because of this new-day conveniences that makes us all lazy.

Lack of physical activity has a lot of bad effects to your health since your bones and muscles are meant for mobility. If you don’t use them, then they’d start to shrink and wear down.

Aside from inactivity, improper anatomy mechanics can also strain your body. Even if you’re using good posture support chair in your workplace, its purpose of assisting you to maintain proper back positioning will be defeated if you don’t know how to move around correctly.

Today, we will focus on common poor habits that cause discomfort or pain in your back, as well as how to prevent or manage them.

Back Breaker #1: Missed Warm-Ups

If you are the type of person who tries to catch up with the weekdays’ cubicle living by doing sports on a Saturday evening, then you better do some warm-ups before pumping those muscles. What most people misunderstand is that this concept of “once you play the ball, then it’s good all the way” doesn’t really work.

Sports like basketball or volleyball require big muscles and energy for you to play really well. And if you want to impress, then you’ll need more. Your body has to be ready with the kind of stress or pressure that you’re putting it into. And missing these warm-ups will have some repercussions. Thus, the aches.

So, always start your game with some stretching for 5 to 10 minutes, just to regulate those bones and muscles.

Back Breaker #2: Wrong Lifting Technique

Or medical people would call it, poor body mechanics. What most people do when lifting heavy objects is that they bend on their waists, and use the back muscles for support. That’s absolutely wrong.

Always remember this principle: base of support and center of gravity. When lifting, you have to bend on your knees with feet aligned with your shoulders. That is the base. You also have to keep the object close to you, because if you hold it far away from you, your back muscles will compensate for the weight. And that is the center of gravity.

Another important thing you need to maintain while carrying heavy objects is to keep your back straight. Use the big muscles of your arms, legs, and torso, toreduce the risk of back injuries.

Back Breaker #3: Carefree Daily Living

Doing simple tasks like answering a phone by pinning it between your head and shoulder, or overreaching one arm even while sitting in a posture perfect chair can cause distortion of your spine over time.

And what’s worrisome about this is that most people really don’t pay attention to these small details because these don’t really cause direct discomfort. And by the time they would feel these back pains, it’s already something as alarming as spinal misalignment.

As I have explained above, always keep in mind the principle of body mechanics no matter how simple your activity is.

As cliché as it sounds- prevention is always better than cure. Be mindful of how you perform your daily or weekend routines. It is only through this commitment to yourself that you will be rewarded of a very healthy spine even as you age.

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