How to Avoid Back Pain like Some Indigenous Cultures

“Back problem? But you’re still young!” You might have heard this from your mother or grandma countless times already. Or worse, you’ve heard it from your doctor. And they’d sermon you with all these stories of how hard but healthy you were, before these hotdogs and instant cereals came into the scene.

But there is some truth to what they’re saying. The lack of advancements in the previous generations made their lifestyle more active and there weren’t so much processed food.

And if you really think about it, if our grandparents and those before them have lived with longer life span because of the fresher and less exploited way of living back in the days, how much more of those who have lived as natives or tribes in the heart of the mountains in the present times?

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you some of the indigenous cultures who have not at all experienced any back pain. If they do, it’s probably because of very old age. And what I meant of “very” is that they have lived their list past the age of 80.

Let’s try to understand, though, why they have this healthier spine compared to the average city Joe.

It’s the J-shape, not the S-shape

Although this is just a theory, several researchers have pointed out that the spine’s most natural curve is shaped as J and not S. This was how Leonardo Da Vinci illustrated men in his drawings. And even the Greek statues show prominency of the J-shaped posture.

Another matter that supports this theory is that most of the city population has a lot of abdominal flat that could pull some weight forward. And those who are leaner like the natives or indigenous people tend to have less curved backs, thus the J-shape.

Plus, the sedentary lifestyle of the average city-lifer contributes to the lacking of postural stability compared to the active way of life of the indigenous.

Healthy Lifestyle

Whether the above theory is proven or not, one point remains true to all. A healthy lifestyle is the main key to a healthy you. And being physically active with proper posture can help you maintain that youthful stature and gait.

If you really want to have more focused posture exercises, you can always go to your favorite fitness center and seek assistance from a professional trainer. You can request for a tailored diet and activities for your body type.

Healthy Sitting and Standing

While most of you spend half of the day sitting, you can always find the comfort of a posture support chair which keeps the correct alignment of your spine. This way, you can still perform your tasks at the optimum without feeling tired that you usually feel out of prolonged slumping.

You can also do simple sitting exercises like shoulder rolls. I have provided simple routines for your back in one of my articles that you can perform at the comforts of your home or in the office. If you observe the correct way of sitting, the likelihood of a good standing posture will follow.

Walk around; stretch those muscles to keep proper circulation and to release tension, especially on your neck and back.

And if you feel some pain, you can rest your back on a posture perfect chair. Once your back has already assumed proper alignment, those pressured regions will start to relax and the discomfort will be alleviated.

For the best posture support chair for all your back needs, Posture Perfect Chair Company promises to deliver you that and more. You can explore my website further for more details or do message us for any inquiry. We’ll be more than happy to assist you for that better spinal health.

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