Genius Invents New Way to Wreck your Posture


I’ve just found this image puporting to show you the best way to sit. Good grief! This must be a contender for the Darwin awards….

If you can’t see what’s wrong, use your mind’s eye to make imagine this guy standing. Pull his legs round anti-clockwise until the marked angle is 180 deg; now stand him vertically. You’re now looking at one of the worse cases of Forward Head Syndrome you’ll ever see. He would be staring at the floor all day when he’s standing up. Now imagine the effects of sitting on a chair like this for month after month.

This way lies madness!



┬áIn fact, this is a good test of any sitting arrangment: move the legs around (as above) and assess whether this looks like a good standing posture. If it doesn’t – if the head is tipped back or forward, or the back is arched heavily one way or the other – the set-up is bad and the chair is ergonomically unsound.
Try sitting in a lumbar support chair and then standing up without changing the curve of your spine or the angle of your head. (This isn’t easy. You could brace with your legs and get someone to remove the chair from under you.) Now, straighten at the ankles, knees and hips only and see how your posture lies. I guarantee you won’t like it.
A good chair will put you in a position that’s similar to the Pilates posture and similar also to ‘horse stance in martial arts’ (except your legs are closer together and you’re not using them to support your whole body weight.
I must make a video about this soon but I also have an animation in the pipeline that will illustrate it well too.
Until next time, sit well!

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